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Sunset in the West: the Hot Facts on the California Drought

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As is the case with most desert environments and other arid climes, California has had to deal with many recurring droughts over the years, some of which were quite severe. With the current drought being set to enter the record books as the worst in the state’s history, however, California now finds itself in the midst of a crisis, with a state of emergency having been in effect since Governor Brown first declared it in January.

Amid continuing record heat waves, and new emergency water regulations, Californians are buckling down. In July, in response to Governor Brown’s mandate that water consumption be reduced by 25%, water consumption dropped by 27.3%, meeting the governor’s demands by a slim but nonetheless quantifiable margin.

In order to assist with water conservation efforts, state government agencies are recycling water wherever possible. In addition, has recently been launched, with an announced initiative towards helping communities as a whole to isolate and eliminate potential sources of water waste. Among the Website’s features there is a convenient and readily available form, intended for the reporting of incidents of water waste to the responsible state agencies.

As the drought enters its fourth year, one of the major sources of concern regarding potentially irresponsible use of water ionizer within the private sector would be the use of water on the state’s many golf courses. Governor Brown’s mandates call for golf courses to cut overall water use by 25%, or else to pump water from their own aquifers… and to limit watering to two days per week. While brown grass provides ample evidence that many golf courses are indeed doing their part, critics contend that the mandate – in specific regards to golf courses – is toothless: according to the Desert Sun, golf courses represent a distinctive lack of transparency within an otherwise thoroughly applied policy, which appears to be more or less unenforceable as a result.

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During a time of crisis, as regular citizens and private businesses knuckle down in an effort to conserve water wherever possible, this kind of “mysterious” and opaque manner of managing important emergency conservation measures has many people deeply concerned. There is a growing amount of unrest built around the assumption that many golf courses may not be complying with the water austerity measures; this news comes in relatively close proximity following the eruption of protests against California water bottlers such as Nestle, who are known to be purchasing water from the drought-stricken region at hundreds of thousands of liters per dollar and selling the bottled water at an enormous markup (assertions by Nestle that they constitute a tiny fraction of California’s water consumption have done little to stifle the discontent).

Citizens of California who are affected by the drought may keep themselves apprised of news and information as it develops, with stories and releases being compiled at Other, unofficial Websites, such as, offer a mixture of ongoing news coverage and tips on how to best practice water conservation at the individual level.

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