Realtors Sell Homes Faster By Spray Painting Grass

Realtors and Property Managers

Realtors and Property Managers

Lawn Painting for Realtors

For Realtors, selling a home during this drought can be challenging when we have to talk about curb appeal. The exterior of a home is the first thing a buyer see when they drive by and nothing kills curb appeal more like brown patchy grass. Get a lawn make-over by turning that unattractive brown grass to emerald green lawn for instant gratifying results. Seeding or replacing the grass will cost a lot of money, water and time, if you are looking to sell the home quickly then consider using our services to bring back the color and add more value to your listing. Spray painting your lawn has been recommended by as a way to keep the grass greener on your side of the fence so you won’t have to reduce your asking price.

Staging the interior only will have less effect when the exterior lacks curb appeal and with the current drought in California it is impossible to keep it green. A price reduction because of needed yard landscaping can cost your homeowner thousands of dollars. Our service is affordable, it’s effective and quickly transform unappealing dry lawn back to it’s natural looking color.

Realtors Using Lawn Painting For Curb Appeal

Once treated your lawn will look alive and amazingly green. We can help Realtors maintain the grass green by servicing your listing regularly until you sell it. If that is something that you would be interested in doing, let us know so we can work out a discount.

The benefits of going green is beyond aesthetics, not only does it look good it protects existing roots and help promote healthy growth.  You don’t have to be a water waster to keep it looking fresh. And let’s all be mindful that California is strict about saving water, over watering fines are $500 per day. We are here to help solve a problem and so can you. It’s really a help-me help-you situation, we love to work with Realtors closely to solve this dilemma and keep a lush green lawn while avoid paying fines and high water bills. When you are ready, contact us to get a free quote.

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