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Lawn Painting Services in San Diego

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Lawn Painting Services in San Diego

Smart Lawn Painting sprouted as a business in response to the current drought situation in California since residential and commercial properties’ curb appeal are degrading with the water restrictions mandated by the state. San Diego Lawn Painting ServicesUnable to maintain the curb appeal with fear of violation fines as much as $500 per day, we see this as an opportunity to fill the gap of an ever needed lawn make-over using all natural products that is safe to human and pets and is relatively affordable and best of all it’s amazingly effective.

By providing our services to San Diego and the surrounding areas, we are helping homeowners, realtors, and property managers save water and money whilst keeping their lawns green and uphold property values. Let’s face it, brown is not attractive and we are seeing more and more of it. You could replace your entire lawn with new ones but that’s going to cost you an average of .30 cents per square foot and when you run the numbers depending on the size of your lawn, it can be a gnarly figure.

Thinking of Xeriscape? Cacti, and drought resistant plants are a possible option but once again the cost to redo your landscape can be astronomical. Artificial turf is also a possibility considering that you will never need to water again but have you been outside standing on the artificial turf on a sunny day? Does it feel hotter than usual? That’s because the material that made up artificial turf is polyethylene plastic, it absorbs heat and can be a heat hazard making it extremely warm to play on. On a 98 degree day, the surface temperature feels like 120 degrees. You are also exposed to lead and zinc hazards. Anything made of plastic when exposed to heat will emit toxic chemicals. There are many more health hazard side effects to using artificial turf and you can read more about it here.

Lawn painting is the alternative solution to keeping beautiful green lawn while saving thousands of gallons of precious water every month.  It is the smart thing to do.

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